Stay Up to Date with a Smog Check Inspection

Did you know that your vehicle needs to be checked for smog every two years if you’re a California resident? If you’ve lived here for more than a couple of years, this probably isn’t news to you… but that doesn’t always mean you’re on top of things! If you’re behind on your latest smog check inspection and need to get back on the right side of the rules, now is the time to have your inspection performed!

At Tires & Lube Auto Care/Smog Check Station, we make smog inspections as quick and painless as possible, getting you in and out quickly with your vehicle’s rating in tow, so that you’re able to get on with your daily life. Not sure if your vehicle needs a smog check inspection? Visit us anyway and we’ll give you the facts about your vehicle—chances are, unless you’re driving a hybrid vehicle, you’re going to need a smog check!


Take a look at some of the exceptions that come with smog testing and see if you fit into any of these guidelines:

If your vehicle is six years old or less, you don’t have to have your vehicle checked, however you will need to pay the $20 abatement fee.
If your vehicle is less than four years old and is being transferred to you by another seller, you’ll only need to pay an $8 smog transfer fee.
The following vehicles are also exempt, per the California Department of Motor Vehicles:

Gasoline-powered vehicles, model year 1975 and older.
Natural gas-powered vehicles weighing over 14,000 lbs.
Diesel-powered vehicles, model year 1997 and older or operating with a gross weight rating of over 14,000 lbs.
Electric vehicles
Hybrid vehicles