Visit Our Tire Shop for Comprehensive Tire Repair

The tires on our vehicles take the brunt of the abuse when we’re barreling down the road—they’re quite literally stuck between tons of steel and machine, and the hard place that is the road! And while your tires may carry you for tens of thousands of miles, they’re eventually going to need some attention from a qualified tire shop.

From worn treads to pesky punctures, there are numerous problems that can befall your tires, which makes it important to have them serviced every so often to A) make your investment in the tire last longer and B) to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road. Here are few of the most common tire troubles and their easy fixes:

Worn treads: have your tires rotated to ensure the same amount of wear on all angles and surfaces. This will make the tire last longer.
Punctures: everything from a nail in the road to a sharp piece of debris can cause punctures in your tire. If they’re small enough, the tire can be sealed and used regularly.
Slow leaks: numerous factors can cause a slow leak and most of the time these leaks are easily patched. Sometimes they can require that your inner tube be replaced.
At the end of the day, it pays to keep an eye on your tires and make sure you catch any of the above damages early on. Doing so will keep you safe and sound on the road. And, when it finally does come time for new tires, visit a tire shop to outfit your vehicle with its next set of treads.