Don’t Neglect Seasonal Auto Repair

When summer rolls around, the last thing on your mind is likely automotive repair—like most people, you’re probably thinking about days at the beach, BBQ and vacationing! And while auto repair isn’t all that exciting by comparison, it’s still important to give it some thought—especially when it comes to seasonal repairs you should be looking […]

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Stay Up to Date with a Smog Check Inspection

Did you know that your vehicle needs to be checked for smog every two years if you’re a California resident? If you’ve lived here for more than a couple of years, this probably isn’t news to you… but that doesn’t always mean you’re on top of things! If you’re behind on your latest smog check […]

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Visit Our Tire Shop for Comprehensive Tire Repair

The tires on our vehicles take the brunt of the abuse when we’re barreling down the road—they’re quite literally stuck between tons of steel and machine, and the hard place that is the road! And while your tires may carry you for tens of thousands of miles, they’re eventually going to need some attention from […]

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